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Virtual reality - Captivate 360 - Does it work on Canvas?

Hello people! I have a problem with uploading a 360 virtual reality object, created in Adobe Captivate. It is navigable and interactive on Canvas, however 360 images do not appear. Does anyone know the problem? We have already opened a call to Canvas support but have not yet responded. Probably someone must have already used this type of object and found a way for it to work. I need help, please!

Error in virtual reality object made in Adobe Captivate on Canvas.


In the preview "HTML5 in Browser" it works perfectly using Chrome.

Preview "HTML5 in Browser".


Browser OK!


These are the only options I have to export the final project file. I usually export by "Publish to Computer".

"Publish on Computer" on Adobe Captivate.


It publishes these folders and files. Which will be placed on Canvas later.

Published files and folders.


I upload the files to Canvas in the "Files" option.

Upload the files to Canvas inthe "Files" option.


Then I insert the html link for the object on the test page. However the images (360 jpg) do not appear!

Test Page.


Screens that are not 360 jpg appear normally.

Normal jpg screen.


I tested publishing for Adobe Captivate Prime, which I understand to be an Adobe LMS for courses.

"Publish to Adobe Captivate Prime"


And there the virtual reality object works perfectly!

Test on Adobe Captivate Prime.

It works!


Óh, sages users of Canvas, can you tell me "the reason for this error" or "what is the right way to make this type of object work in Canvas?" Please!

I look forward to receiving some feedback from you. Thank you guys!
Patricia Costa

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