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Ways a District Office Can Use Canvas

What are way that a district office could use Canvas to connect with teachers and staff? Please provide suggestions.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

We are in higher ed so we don't have a "district office," but we do use Canvas for lots of faculty/staff training and informational purposes. Here are some of the ways we use it (note, these are housed in different "courses" in Canvas):

  • New employee orientation
  • Title IX training
  • Teaching Resources
  • Canvas Training

I'm going to share this with the Canvas Admins and K-12 groups in the community to see if they can help. And, in addition, because there are no right or wrong answers for this question I'm going to switch it to a discussion instead of a question.


Well first it really depends on what you want to do or where you want to do with using Canvas.

Without knowing any of that here are a few things that came to mind:

You can use it for different groups/committees - Board, Technology Committee, Communication Committee, Principal Council.... Create a separate course for each or create one big one with different pages for each that are linked to from the Canvas Front Page - image below.

You can also use it for on boarding of new staff. Have a course for this to make sure they have completed the proper items or have all the information they will need. You could also do this with off boarding of staff.

What you can do:

- Link documents

- Post discussions

- Offer PD

- Post notes/information

- Post Surveys

Here is one example that we will be doing later this year. We call them MEGA courses. As you can see we will have a lot of information here, for us it's the teacher & staffs best place to go for information instead of having to search our website, google drive, servers or other canvas courses to get this information.

Staff Mega Course.jpg

Within your office you could have a different course for departments. They can use it like sports teams have been using Canvas. Another plus for adding different departments or your district is that Trello can be integrated Trello LTI  into the course. My IT Office uses Trello to help people know what we are working on or helping assign tasks toe specific individuals or a few. This is helpful since we aren't all in the same building.

You can also use Canvas for Professional Development - either a listing of all the options or having PD within Canvas. I know many schools have done this, we did 2 PD courses in Canvas this summer but you can allow use the courses Canvas Network has to offer.

In the end it really depends on your goal and what you want to get out of it. Once you know that then the fun beings - brainstorming and planning.

 @klundstrum ​ might have more ideas

 @emily_beckman ​, you covered pretty much everything that comes to mind. (I love that you shared our map of the Mega course!)

 @gaskinsb , let us know what your goals are with the district office. Once you have some defined objectives, I'd be happy to collaborate and think of ways you can creatively implement Canvas at the district- or building-level.


Our year one implementation is for professional development and our virtual school program. Also we want different department in our district office to learn how to use it to connect with principals, teachers, and all staff. 

Many PLC groups are using Google Classroom. What incentive can I provide for groups to begin using Canvas?

Thank you,

Bill Gaskins

I would start small. Offer a few Professional Development opportunities in Canvas and allow everyone to experience it. That would be a fairly intrusive way to  encourage staff to check out the potential in Canvas.

Emily and I work in a single building institution, so our mega course will reach all-staff from initial launch. In your situation, I can see building a resource course for Principals first. You can ask for feedback based on their experiences, and continuously improve the collaborative environment. When you're ready to launch school-wide, you'll have someone in each building, in addition to the tech coordinators, who can vouch for the set-up.

Thank you Emily!