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We are going to switch to the new UI on friday. How screwed are we?

Got your attention?  Anyways last year was our first year out of pilot and we kept moodle up in parallel to help people transition.  This will be the first year that we will only be providing Canvas as the lms.  So we have about 25% of the people that switched over last year and we expect the rest to come over in the next couple weeks now that summer session has ended.  So our options to switch are 'now', 'after newyears', or hope that the force switch does not bit us in spring.  Our spring term runs into June.

All the documentation seems to have switch over to the new UI so people looking at the docs will have interesting results.

So for those reasons we are moving now and the questions stands.  What is going to bit us?

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In my experience, Friday isn't a great day for a major change. If there is any confusion, or a technical problem (however remotely possible), you'll be stuck dealing with it over the weekend. This advice was handed down to me long ago, and I've regretted it a few times when I haven't followed it.

I'd hold off a bit and get up early on Monday Smiley Happy

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I could not agree more with John!  We have a change management policy here to not make any production environment changes unless it's an emergency to avoid problems when people are not/less available due to the weekend.  I'd strongly recommend waiting until Monday if you can, especially since this is a significant overhaul to the UI/UX.​ and​,

Thank you for your replies but no worries - "Friday" was used to get responses, as I was not getting many with my post to the general community - when we make the switch, it will be on a Monday. ; )

Best wishes,


(one of Erik's co-workers)

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The Evergreen State College - Olympia, WA

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Community Team


The documentation is actually showing the current UI; the only thing that is different is the first step of the majority of lessons, which shows the navigation of both the new and current UI. Functionality for all other features are the same, so most users should be just fine (at least that is our intention). We are always open to feedback for documentation so let us know if you come across anything that is significantly confusing.



We haven't switched yet, however, I have it on in BETA.    The 1 big thing I notice is that it seems to only limit users to 10 Accounts.     We have many users with up to 66 Accounts.    

I think limiting to 10 Accounts is a function of Beta environment. In production it shouldn't limit to 10. I have more than 10 accounts myself and I asked Canvas that question a couple of months ago and they told me that's expected behavior in Beta. Hope this helps!

Hi Jared,

One of the UI engineers added a link to view more accounts if you have more than 10. You can see this link in beta right now. This link will also appear in production for the September 19 release.




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So far it has been fine.

And continues to be fine.