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WeBWork v. Canvas

We have a math faculty (actually several) who really like WeBWork. If you're not familiar with WeBWork, it's an LMS developed by mathematicians. (Welcome to WeBWorK ). It's a free, open-source product that includes lots of homework questions and answer sets. Really bred for mathematics.

Now my question: Have any campuses found suitable surrogates for WeBWork that can be added to Canvas? Canvas isn't bred for math-based homework like WeBWork, but we're hoping to locate products or resources that my be a compromise, yet keep the faculty within the Canvas ecosystem. I realize there are textbook compendium resources, but I'm not sure those would be comparable to WeBWork.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi rgibson1​...

If I am understanding your question correctly, you are asking if there are any third party applications that deal specifically with math, correct?  If so, have you tried using either of these LTIs that are already available:

Edu App Center: MyOpenMath

Edu App Center: WIRIS math editor

Edu App Center: Think Through Math

Edu App Center: Hooda Math

Edu App Center: MyLab and Mastering

We have enabled both MyOpenMath and Pearson's MyLab and Mastering (where you could connect to MyMath Lab content).  With respect to MyOpenMath, I have only recently heard about this one from one of our math instructors, and he seems to really like it.  It sounds like grades in MyOpenMath can transfer back to the Canvas gradebook...which is nice.

The other three LTIs I've listed above I have not used myself, but I wanted to provide you with the links.

If I have completely "missed the boat" on your question, my bad.  Hopefully this is helpful information for you, though.

Thanks Chris.

*Maybe*. WeBWork is such a math intensive product that I'm not sure anything on the planet is comparable. We're trying to take a square peg (WeBWork) and cram it into a round hole (Canvas). Not sure if any other campuses are experiencing similar pains with supporting it. We're not large enough to be able to support two LMSs on the same campus. Big R1 universities like ASU run WeBWork in tandem with their LMS.

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Hi Rob,

I've also run into a faculty using WeBWorK and liking it very much. I took a quick look at their website and it appears there might be a way to connect it to Canvas through LTI -- see: LTI-Advanced Authentication - WeBWorK . Perhaps worth exploring further?

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We just had a professor make a request to integrate WeBWorK into Canvas, so I'm working with our tech staff to make it happen. It's the first open source product we're integrating into Canvas so we're curious to see how it goes - their documentation looks like it should be relatively simple. There is also a grade passback option that we're exploring.

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Has anyone had any success with the WeBWork and Canvas integration?  Our Math department is running their own instance of WeBWork and integrating via LTI in their individual courses.  They are having trouble with grade pass-back to Canvas and I don't know of anything I can do on the Canvas side to facilitate this process.  Perhaps someone has had some success and can provide some tips?

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Unfortunately we were unable to get the grade passback to work either.

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Hello Everyone,

After a bit of work, the computer people here at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have gotten the grade passback working.  I do not know too many details, but one of the last pieces to fall into place was using the domain value, which is apparently mentioned in the Webwork LTI documentation, but as I understand it, is also a bit unusual.  We only have a test course running, but I am planning to use grade passback for a large calculus course in the fall.

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 @pwood2 ‌ is there any way you can put me in touch with your people who worked on this? We would love to be able to get this up & running.

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Hi Kris,  I will check with the computer folks.  I think they followed the outline here: LTI-Advanced Authentication - WeBWorK .