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Weekly Notifications Email--Images

One of my teachers shares a weekly announcement with students and parents that includes images.  They had a parent reach out that when they receive the email the images do not show for them--only the text.  Is there a way to ensure they see the images within the email notifications?  Or does the teacher have to direct them to go to the announcements in the course itself?

Thank you.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Emails that go out from announcements are notifications and are mostly absent of any included media such as images or video.  I think this is somewhat by design recognizing that not all email applications accept images for display.  At any rate, I usually suggest to faculty when including an image or video in an announcement to make sure and refer to it in the text so people know they should view it in Canvas to get the full effect of what is being posted.  Another option is to attach the image in instead of or in addition to embedding it.  As an attachment there will be a link within the notification to access that image or video file.