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Weird Shapes on download previews

A few weeks ago canvas randomly started adding weird shapes onto previews of documents I need to download for class and I don't know why. Any ideas?Screenshot 2021-02-26 130334.pngScreenshot 2021-02-26 130349.png

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @BENJAMINPETERSO ...

Whoa!  That's super strange!  Have you reached out to the folks at the Canvas Help Desk to report this issue?  That's where I would start if it still is an issue for you.  Also, you might want to try clearing your browser cache/history...but the Help Desk folks might have you try this as well to see if it fixes anything.

Once you clear your cache/history, close the browser completely, and then re-start the browser to see if Canvas behaves better.

If you want to contact Canvas Support, you can do so via the "Help" menu on the left-hand side global navigation of your Canvas environment.  How do I contact Canvas Support? - Canvas Community

I hope this will help a bit!  Please come back to post an update after you contact the Help Desk to know how this was resolved...thanks!