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What are your best exemplars of using Canvas as a PD vehicle for Faculty?

Hello Canvas Brain Trust!

Our World Language Dept Chair wants to use Canvas as a way to deliver (push) relevant PD webinars to her World Language colleagues. The goal is to provide centralized, opt-in, and easy-to-access information for the colleagues. She was envisioning something like an Instagram feed that teachers could easily scroll through to see what webinars are coming up and easily click to register or click to watch. 

Do you have examples of using Canvas to deliver PD to colleagues in this way? If so, please direct me to them in the Canvas Commons. I welcome any/all suggestions and would love to hear thoughts or design concepts you've seen work well for this purpose. 
Thanks, in advance!
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Hi, Jennifer!  My county is currently planning to build something like this.  We are currently thinking of using modules, but nothing is set yet.  I too would love to see what others do!

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Community Coach


We use Canvas to deliver almost all of our PD for both faculty and staff. We do still have in-person sessions, but not many and quite infrequently, and a couple that are delivered online but through a different resource.

Many of the courses/workshops/offerings are set to open continuous enrollment and are self-paced and self-directed. So are scheduled and facilitated.

Work very well, and very cost effective.


Community Coach
Community Coach

Great question!‌ does regular sessions. Keep an eye out for these OESP Canvas Klatch (March 21)  

We run regular 15 minute sessions for our teachers. It's been a good way to reach remote teachers. We present using Canvas. If you like there is a recording of one in the discussion of this blog .

There are these also:

Using Canvas to Model Professional Learning

Canvas for Professional Development  

Using Canvas for Professional Learning  

It's a great idea to run PL via Canvas I think. Then you are modelling possibilities while imparting knowledge and building skills. 

Have fun.


Thanks for the wealth of resources, Bobby. I really appreciate your guidance and am sharing these examples with my World Language colleague who is trying to launch Canvas as a PL tool within the department. 

Do you know if those OESP Canvas Klatch conversations are regularly recorded, and if so, how I might access them?

Thanks again!


I don't think the Klatch sessions are recorded. They are very informal and work 'in the moment.'