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What does it mean to complete a prerequisite?

Suppose I have a module that consists of pages to be read--but no assignments. If I list that module as a prerequisite to another module, what must the student do to satisfy that prerequisite?


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Community Coach
Community Coach

In order for the prerequisite to really work correctly, you would need to edit the module set to be a prerequisite and add Requirements. It's those requirements that determine if students have completed it. Requirements can be just to view something, mark it as complete, submit, or even achieve a specific score.  And they can be set on each item within a module or just a few of them.  Here is more information 

So in summary, if you have Module 1 and Module 2, you set Requirements within Module 1 to indicate what needs to be completed, and then in Module 2 you set Module 1 as a prerequisite.