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What sub 3 minute Canvas video would you show new faculty ?

So I want to incorporate a quick video that describes Canvas in a nutshell to new faculty at orientation day. I am curious what you all share or would share with new faculty. This video doesn't have to be by Instructure but all about Canvas. If someone can help me find one better than my current pick below I will mark it as the correct answer after about a week or so.

My current pick:

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Hi awilliams

When we did our first introduction to Canvas to faculty about a year ago we were going to do the video too but ended up doing a very quick presentation (see attachment) that quickly highlighted the top features of Canvas (we really wanted to get them excited about Canvas too). I think the video that you have is too vague about what Canvas is and what it can do for you (looks very professional). Also, when we had the faculty in the room, we wanted the chance to be very clear when presenting specific features and thought the video might not accomplish this. We ended up using this attached presentation a few times and depending on who we were presenting to or for how long we could run through it in 5 minutes or 30+ minutes depending if we took questions or went into Canvas to demo some of the features. Screen shots are probably out of date by now but it gives you an idea of our overview approach.

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Community Coach

This is really great dreesd​! I like the images that you have to go along with the text and I can definitely see where you could do this the quick way or a longer way depending on the audience and your time limit!

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Community Coach

In all honesty, I really like the video you posted and don't know of one that's better for your purpose! I like that it's quick and shows a lot of different features in Canvas. We don't do any face-to-face introductions to Canvas, but what I use to *sell* Canvas to new faculty and adjuncts (and what we used when we were starting with Canvas) is the "Top 10 Time Saving Feature in Canvas". The attached document is the raw information and I always pretty it up/adjust it for the specific way I'm using it.

Not sure if it helps, but feel free to use or tweak it!

Hi, I can't get the link you shared to work.  Is it something I'm doing?

 @JACOBSEN_C ​, it *seems* to be working for me, so I'm not sure. Is anyone else having a problem with it?

Regardless, I'll go ahead and copy and paste the information below:

Top Ten Time Saving Features in Canvas for Faculty

  1. Speedgrader – Quickly and easily grade assignments and provide feedback
  2. Crocodoc – Directly markup student work and provide feedback on student’s paper from within Speedgrader!
  3. Message students who –  Right from the gradebook you can message students who haven’t turned in an assignment, got less than a certain score, or more than a certain score!
  4. Calendar – Calendar entries may be dragged and dropped to different dates and the changes update everywhere in your course.
  5. Inbox – Course roster is automatically loaded and updated throughout the semester; no need to look up students email addresses. Canvas messages can also be forwarded out to other e-mail systems and your replies come back in!
  6. Notifications – Ability to configure your notifications so you can be notified about things going on in your course as quickly (or not) as you desire!
  7. Google Docs – Through Canvas Collaborations Google Docs can be directly integrated you’re your course!
  8. Rubrics – Rubrics are easy to create and integrate directly into the grading process via Speedgrader.
  9. Create and add audio and video directly in Canvas – bonus that you can add these types of comments in as you’re grading via speedgrader!
  10. What-if Grades – Yes it’s for students, but it saves faculty time because students understand what assignment grades they need to get to get the final course grade they want!

~Groovy~, thanks Kona!

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I think this is a great introductory video.  I also like the presentation Dale shared.

Stephanie, I also liked the video. It was short and to the point.

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Hey Adam et al! When I offer trainings I often like mix in some fun videos to keep things alive. My fave video to kick things off with is that "Cool things you can do..." video, as well.

When people come back from lunch or a restroom break I usually try to share another videos as attention grabbers to get ready for more learning!

Here's a good one for K-12 - Get to know Canvas K-12 - YouTube

Here's one that could be good as an intro and/or attention grabber...

A Little Canvas 101 - YouTube

Here are a couple that might be good as attention grabbers:

And here's a link to discover all of our great videos, conveniently categorized into playlists -

And here's a fun one maybe for Admins who have more direct contact with us, to get to know a little more about us as a company, and our company values (COOTIES) 😉

Instruction by Instructure with Fritz Fitzgerald - YouTube

Hopefully some of these will be helpful!