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Where can I find the account_id off of a sub-account?

I am having a similar issue to Quan, see below post:

How do I find out the account_id 

We already have Sub-Accounts created in our test system, and I need to to know the account_ids associated with these sub-accounts so I can reference other accounts in my account.csv inbound file.

However, there are no "settings" associated with each sub-account - basically nowhere to view the account ID. You can change the name of the sub-account, add a new sub-account, delete, or add a course within the sub-account. There is no where to add or view the account_id associated with the sub-account.

Anyone run into a similar issue? Solutions? Thank you!

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If you click on the sub-account the breadcrumbs at the top should then look like Main Account > Sub-Account

Then click on Settings in the left-hand menu and you should see what was shown in the discussion at 

Thank you, pklove! The reason that I didn't have this figured out is because I was going to the settings off of the root account. If I go to sub-accounts, click on the root account (so that the breadcrumbs read Stevens IofT > Courses) and then navigate to the settings tab, I am shown the below page. 


If I'm in a sub account (ex. Stevens IofT > AJD Test Account 1 > Courses) and do the same thing, I get the page that I'm looking for.


Thoughts on how to get the SIS ID from the root account? Thanks!

If they already have SIS IDs, an easy way to get all of them is to go to Settings - Reports and run a SIS Export for Accounts.

Or, to get all accounts even if they do not have a SIS ID, you can run a Provisioning Report.


I'd also suggest running a "Provisioning report" from the root account. You can also use this to identify deleted accounts, and accounts that don't have a SIS ID.

See the guide here: