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Where did the REMOVE hyperlink for multiple hyperlinks go?

I noticed with the new update that I cannot just highlight part of the page and remove all hyperlinks in one go. I do not see the "remove hyperlink icon". I am able to go to one link and then either through the button (hyperlink) or in the insert menu (hyperlink) remove the hyperlink. But I really miss the ability to remove all links from part of a text (e.g., when copying the schedule page for a new course and then removing all the links that I want students to not see yet).

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @mgreiner 


I just tested this in one of my sandboxes with the latest RCE version on. I created a page, embedded a series of links in text, then saved it. Then I went back into edit made, selected all the text, and click the break link icon, and all links were gone.

In the New RCE, the Hyperlink and Remove Hyperlink icons are on the bottom row, third and fourth icons from the left. See screenshot below.....


If you are not seeing those icons, or they are not performing as expected, I would suspect that you are using a non-supported browser. See What are the browser and computer requirements for Canvas? 

If your browser is supported, then I can only suggest contacting Canvas Support for a likely bug.


Good luck,



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Hello, Thank you for your response. I apologize if I double-post, but I thought I had already replied.

The new RCE does not look like your editor. It looks like this:

The broken link button is gone.

After exploring the new rich content editor more since yesterday, I think this feature was removed and there may not be a solution other than wasting time clicking and removing each link separately. One of at least two useful features that were removed.Not happy with the new RCE. I do not see how the new RCE makes my life easier but I see instances where it makes my life harder (limited color choices that do not align with previous color choice I made for a course and will be a pain to update all colors, the feature (different topic) to allow an image be assigned to a folder when uploading it (it requires me now two steps instead of one). )