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Where does record/upload media (from announcements) save to?

In Announcements, there is a button for recording/uploading media. I recorded a video. Where does it save so I can upload it?

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Hi there, I just found this: 

Upload Media File Question 

"The media files you record or upload are saved and stored in a secure media server. They are currently not accessible from anywhere except the original location in Canvas where you created and saved it from. Generally they are stored as MP4/MP3 for Video/Audio respectively."

We recommend using an outside video recorder. My fave is screencast-o-matic because it is super cheap and easy to use. The free version is decent too - record up to 15 minutes without editing. Also, they have their own hosting site, so you can embed the videos in the rich content editor as long as they are under 15 minutes (using the free version). The only issue we have run into is that the embedded videos do not work on some browsers. So, I remind all faculty to be sure to have multiple formats, for instance the link to the video that is in SOM AND the embedded video.