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Where's the Sound in Vimeo? And where do I create my own Class Page?


I am trying to listen to the Vimeo in sections 2.5, 2.51, 2.6 of the Nurturing Portion of the Course and there is no sound coming from any of the Vimeo videos.  Where's the sound?  Also, once I go through all these demos and courses how/and or where do I actually go to set up my own class canvas page?  Our district uses One Login and has multiple other platforms that we can click on to get into various websites/apps etc but Canvas and it's login so far doesn't even show up for me to attempt to access.  The only thing I see so far are these dashboard courses when I log in. I want to try playing with creating my own page for speech therapy.  Also want to learn how to input bitmoji or google slides into my pages and sections.  

I need help with both the audio in the demo courses and need to know exactly where to go to try setting up my own page/course.  Also will class rosters/lists soon be placed into our classes via Canvas.

Many questions.  Please assist.

Thank you,


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