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Which quiz is the copy?

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Hello, Canvas wizards and warlocks —

Trying to duplicate a quiz—specifically trying to turn 1 quiz into 10 quizzes—and struggling with overwriting. Two questions:

1 - After I duplicate a quiz via the Import Course Content trick, how do I determine which quiz is the copy (so that the next time I make a copy I can copy the copy)?

2 - Is this even possible or do I have a flawed premise, i.e. making a clone of a clone of a clone. Whatever I'm doing certainly ain't working.

3 - I have another course I can use to pass the quizzes back and forth (import a quiz from course 1 into course 2, change quiz in course 2, send quiz back to course 1) but I can't seem to make that work well, either. Is there some awesome way to use a second course to accomplish this?

Thanks a bunch.

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That used to work for me.  It does not any longer.  Fortunately, I can go to a previous semester and get my copy from there.  Others may not be as fortunate as that.


How strange that it’s working for me and not you. Thank you for following up on this and explaining what is working for you. 



Although the import procedure is not working, I was able to recognize the new quizzes by changing the moving the dates up into a smaller recognizable time frame during the import process.

You check the box "Adjust events and due dates" and choose "Beginning date" and "Ending date"

Community Coach
Community Coach

Thank you for sharing!


Can we agree that a simple operation like copying a quiz should not require a 6 page thread among users to figure out? Perhaps Canvas can actually make copying a quiz a two-step operation that nonIT experts can implement without having to do analytics to determine the meta-data on the quizzes? 

Highlighted, instructors can quickly and easily duplicate a New Quiz by following the instructions in How do I duplicate an assignment?  While the lesson states "Assignments currently cannot be duplicated for quizzes," that cautionary note is specific to Old Quizzes; New Quizzes are based on the assignment type, and so can be duplicated just like any other assignment.