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Who's using Canvas outcomes for program assessment?

Hi, I haven't been able to find a discussion in the community on using Canvas Outcomes for program assessment.  Are there institutions out there doing this?  Can you share with me/us a little about your experience and how you've implemented?

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Community Coach
Community Coach


We have this same question! While we have been in Canvas for 6 years, we have not used Canvas in this manner because we had another toy. We just dropped that expensive hot potato, and so are starting our exploration.

You may want to join the . This is a private group, so you will have to ask nicely to be included, but we got our response within minutes.

We have not had time yet to explore this group closely, but we are getting ready to.

I hope they are as helpful for you, as I hope they might be for us.



We use Outcomes at the institutional level and the program level @CoxCollege. Its been a game changer for us and allows us to easily pull data for accreditation... especially the Higher Learning Commission for General Education Outcomes. I haven't checked out theFocus Group: Outcomes yet.

To answer your question how we started? We started with General Education and asked everyone to first start assessing one of the 7 outcomes at our institution. We had several "show and tell" sessions, but it didn't take long for faculty o catch on. We then used Gen Ed Outcomes as part of a course audit, which helped. Outcomes are paired with Rubrics (which we already used really well). 

As a general suggestions, I will say that organization and naming convention is key when implementing Outcomes.

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As a whole, our county does not use this.  1 reason is that the standards we need are not up-to-date in Canvas yet.  Another reason is that you can't use multiple outcomes on a single test.  (HS Science, for example, may have a unit test with multiple standards on it, but this can't be linked to outcomes.)  

Surveyor II

We're exploring this right now. This semester we'll be piloting it with our writing intensive courses. Shoot me a message in January to remind me to let you know how it went.

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I am very interested in Outcomes on Canvas and how it can be used to anchor all of the work within a course and aim it at the Mastery Learning Gradebook. Please point me to any conversations or articles that you know of -- and please, let's discuss! 🙂


Lamplighter II

We are using Canvas Outcomes and the LMG for our Standard Based Grading program in our middle schools.  We started out having teachers create their own outcomes based on the components placed in their course.  We would like to move to having all middle school outcomes placed at the account level so that teachers can grab them when they need them.  Teachers are really liking the data from the LMG.