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Why are assignments not yet due shaded pink?

Hi, I'm an instructor currently working on putting together a Canvas course for the upcoming term.  I imported elements of the course (including quizzes) from previous offerings of the course, and I've been making adjustments for the new course.  For some reason, in the Gradebook the first several quizzes (but not the last several quizzes) are shaded pink, which normally indicates that an assignment is missing.  I have tried to fix this, but I can't figure out why assignments due in future months are shaded as missing.  I have doubled checked that the due dates for the quizzes are all updated with dates for the upcoming term, but they still appear shaded as missing.  Can you tell me what might be going wrong, and how I can correct things so that these quizzes are not flagged as missing?  Thanks!

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It sounds like you have a Missing Submission Policy in place and imported the content in without adjusting the due dates and since the due dates were past, Canvas marked the assignments as Missing. Changing the due date does not clear the Missing flag.

Currently, the only fix I know of through the web interface is to reset the status for each student for each assignment to remove the Missing flag by setting it to None.

How do I apply a Missing Submission policy in the Gradebook? 

This is time consuming and tedious. I shared a script in January 2019 that would go through and do this automatically for people. That can save some time, especially if you have a lot of students or a lot of assignments, but it gets a little technical. I tried to write enough explanation that people could use it. Canvas has made some optimizations since then that may make the program overload the system and stop, but re-running it will normally fix any submissions that didn't get changed the first time. Removing Missing and Late Labels