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Why can't I access MyLab Pearson through my Canvas course?

Hi, so I started classes about 4-5 weeks ago. MyLab Pearson works for my biology course, but not for my math course. I have contacted my professor about this and there is nothing she can do on her part. I've tried solving the issue with Pearson Support twice and they don't seem to be giving me much useful information and don't see an issue in their system. 

The first time around, I'd try to access the course through Canvas and I'd get an error saying "user role not recognized." Now I'm getting a "course end date has passed, please contact your instructor." I've tried going over this issue with her before, but she said it's not an issue on her part. I'm still trying to get things sorted out and I feel bad for missing my assignments on there. I don't know why I;m having this problem. Like I said, I've purchased the access code already. I even tried using the Course ID to get in but it said since it's a Canvas course, I can only access the course on Canvas through my instructor which is the problem. Does anyone here know how to resolve this issue? I've also tried clearing cookies and history, and using a different browser and using a different computer and my phone, and the issue has not been resolved yet. 

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