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Why can't they take the course exam?

None of the individuals assigned the student role for my recently created courses can access the quiz.  I have checked to see that the individuals are linked to the course and that the quiz and course is published. I've also verified the training availability dates go well into the future (12/30/19). Everyone receives notice of the new training, can access the training and review the ppt training slides associated with the course BUT none of the individuals can complete the quiz.  They say it is 'locked'.

What do I need to do differently to allow students to complete the trainings I am creating?

thanks for your help Smiley Happy

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @referral_monarc  Welcome to the Canvas Community!

Is the quiz in a Module, and is that module also published? This would likely be the cause of your problem.

If that is not it, then I suggest also checking the availability dates for the quiz itself.

Let us know,