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Why do student submissions count against their file storage?

Since student submissions count against a student's file storage what do you do when they don't have any more space and can no longer submit files to assignments, graded discussions and quizzes? We need some work-arounds as we have one and I am sure there are more that are out of file space since submissions count against their file storage.

Thank you,

Karen Matson

#student submissions

#student file storage

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Community Team
Community Team‌, I responded to you in this thread. To reiterate, students' submissions to assignments and graded discussions do not count against their user quotas. It occurs to me that if the courses are using a large number of ungraded discussions that require file attachments, that might cause the problem they're experiencing with user quotas. Have you checked with Canvas Support?


Then why do I have student's coming in at 180% of their file storage and it is all under Submissions. They can't submit their next assignment.

Is this a broken thing we need a support ticket for?

Thank you,


Highlighted‌, check out the documentation—the Files Quota PDF—and in particular, the footnote about student submissions to assignments and graded discussions that reads, "*Files do not count against user quotas but still display in User files." In other words, even though you're seeing the files there—and that is by design—that does not mean that's the reason students are exceeding their user quotas.

And yes, I strongly recommend that you initiate a support ticket so that a member of Canvas Support can look at the specifics of why this is happening in your account.