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Why does Conference not "end" when I end it?

I tried out Canvas Conference the other day to see how it would work.  I made two or three "test" conferences.
On the first, I selected, "End Meeting", in the drop-down box in the Conference feature to conclude the conference.  A box even appeared, asking me to confirm that I wanted to end the meeting (please, see picture below).  As you can see, it even asks: "Are you sure you want to end the session?"  I clicked, "Yes".  The screen, then, took me back to course site on Canvas.  But, when I went into Conferences for the course on the site it showed that the conference was still listed as "in progress" in "New Conferences".
So, I did it again: I opened another Conference.  But, this time, I selected, "Log Out", in the drop-down box in the Conference feature to conclude the conference.  No box that time -- just a box saying that I was logged out of the meeting, with a request to give feedback on the product.  When I accessed the Conference link on the course's site, however, I got the same result: The conference was still listed as "in progress" in "New Conferences".
I took some screen captures, which can be seen below.
You will notice that the "test" conference which I opened is still running. (Another conference is also there that I never started.)  Even though I concluded it, the "test" conference is still there . . . running or "in progress".  You might also notice the little "End" button on the righthand side of the "test" conference.  Why?  I already selected to end the conference . . . twice!
Apparently, even though you click "End Meeting" or "Log Out" in Canvas's Conference, Canvas does not actually end the Conference.  Instead, the conference is left running until you go into "New Conferences" and manually click the "End" button.  Then -- and, only then -- does it seem that Canvas finally and actually ends the Conference.  Otherwise, the conference seems to be left to run.
Anyone have an explanation for this . . . perhaps, from the Canvas Team itself?
Here are some screen captures:
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