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Surveyor II

Why does a quiz with no time limit close before end date/time?

A classic quiz with no set time limit, open for 36 hours closed on a student before end time.

An email from a student to a teacher
I was doing the exam yesterday and because we were supposed to have time until 23:59 today, I did not answer the questions I was not sure about. I did not close the window with the exam, because there was not supposed to be any time limit only the due date/time and because we only got one attempt, I did not dare to close the window. So today at 16:00 when I was going to continue the exam a window popped up that said my time had expired and then there was a countdown from 10 sec there was no stop button or anything. I did not manage to finish answering the questions and I did not manage to pass the exam. Is there anything you can do?

Can anyone tell me why the this happened?


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Without looking more closely at logs it's difficult to know, but perhaps could time zones have been set incorrectly?  It appears that it posted 7 hours before expected.  Canvas has the ability to set Time Zones for your instance of Canvas, a course, and individual users.  If a user does not have their time zone set correctly the due date for something may appear differently than is expected, or if the teacher who sets the due date has their time zone wrong; same idea.


Surveyor II

Hello Rick and thanks for your reply.

Both the teacher and  the student has time zone set to none.


I'm pretty sure None isn't an option for Time zone.  It a user hasn't set their own time zone it defaults to whatever has been set as the default in your instance of Canvas.



Surveyor II

It looks like almost all people, I check in the system, has time zone none. That seems to be the default. People who I know that would set their own time zone have UTC.

time zone none.PNG

Surveyor II

I'm thinking if the system is set to send in/close inactive quizzes after certain period of time and it doesn't take into account that the quizz has no time limit and the end time is not up, or perhaps to do with some scheduled tasks or session handling, something the school is supposed to set.