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Why does canvas quiz shuffle questions in groups in my master quiz?

To make cheating harder, I want my quiz questions to appear in different order for each student. To do that, as I understand it, I must use question groups or question banks. I used question banks a year ago and found out too late that I could not regrade the exam when three of the 100+ questions had the wrong key. I had to essentially regrade those questions by looking at each of the exams for the 60 students to see whether to add or subtract points. So, I will not make that mistake again, especially with 121 students. I built the exam this spring by entering 127 questions into 9 groups. The question numbers are in the order of my presentation. Each time I go back to modify the quiz, Canvas presents the questions within the groups in different order. Yes, that is what I want it to do for the students when they take the quiz. But that is not what I want it to do when I am constructing the quiz. During construction, I need to see the related questions together, as my numbering would allow. I wasted hours reordering the questions so that I could review the coverage of each day's material. I cannot find a switch that allows me to preserve the questions in order each time I work on the quiz, until time to give the quiz to students. 

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