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Why doesn't publish box in modules fade?

I have noticed that whenever I publish something from the modules page in a course that the little black box that pops up telling me that the item has been published does not fade. It just stays there indefinitely until I refresh or leave the page. I find this really annoying at times as it makes it hard to see certain areas in the module page and I don't always want to stop and refresh.

                                    This is an example of what I'm talking about, they do not go away:227007_Publish won't fade.PNG

Does anyone else have this issue? I know I may need to write a support ticket but I was wondering if it was just a problem with my Canvas instance or if others are seeing the same behavior and this needs to be something that is fixed overall. 

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi,  @timothy_maw ‌, that's an interesting little piece of UI bugginess you discovered. I just tested this on a PC and on a Mac in both Firefox and Chrome. I found that on a PC, clicking anywhere at all made the black Published box disappear immediately, whereas on my Mac, the Published box persisted and would not go away until I refreshed the screen. Please submit a support ticket so that Canvas Support can get the engineers' eyes on it.

Ah I was wondering if there was some type of bug. I am having the problem the most while using Chrome on my PC. I will submit a ticket right away then. Thanks.

That's really curious,  @timothy_maw , because I didn't have the problem on my PC in Chrome. But I just tried again, and it seems that my PC has caught this bug. It happens sporadically; sometimes the Published box persists, and sometimes it goes away after I click somewhere else.

So what I'm saying is: if you have a moment, please let us know what you hear from Support!

Here is the answer I got from support, it isn't too helpful unfortunately as they just told me exactly what I already knew...


Thank you for your reply to Canvas Support. Based on the last email we received you had said you noticed the word "publish" or "unpublished" was showed over the publish button in the modules and would not go away after clicking on it. You had said it was happening in a few of you courses. We're sorry to hear it is causing you some inconveniences. We did check on a test course and found similar instances occurring.

You had also said you found a workaround for what was occurring. On our end we saw by opening a new item on the page or refreshing the page  that got the text to be removed from the page. Right now those are the current options to remove it we have found.

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call or email us at

Thank you"


Support has now told me they are escalating this up and looking into the bug. There is the work around of refreshing the page or leaving it but for now they will research it more.

I'm glad to hear that,  @timothy_maw ‌, and thanks for letting us know! For now, I'm marking this as "assumed answered" since the issue is now in the hands of the engineers.

Thanks stefaniesanders I think we can mark this as answered as well and let the engineers work on the bug.