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Why is Canvas loading files from Azure VM ip address instead of the domain of the VM?


first of all thankyou for anyone taking the time to view and help with this issue.

I have installed Canvas LMS using a bitnami Azure VM image. I have used their tool to generate an SSL certificate so that users can access the server over https. Using the theme editor I have uploaded a custom javascript file, when accessing canvas I get the error :- "net::ERR_ABORTED 422 (Unprocessable Entity)" and with this error it provides the url it was trying to access, which looks something like this The strange thing is that if I try to use this URL with the Azure VM's public ip in place of the domain name then it will load the javascript file.

I am unsure why this is happening and any help would be appreciated. Thankyou.

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I'm having the same issue but am hosting on Google Cloud. Were you able to resolve this?


I was able to resolve this, however I am unsure if this solution was just specific to my case as I am running an Azure VM as the server. I posted my solution on the bitnami community forum Link to solution 

The problem in my case was with the way the domains had been set up. So I had to change the domains in domain.yml of the canvas instance and then run the bn-cert tool to get https working for both the sub domains. The solution explains it.

I hope this helps.

Good luck