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Why is the gradebook/gradebook history so cumbersome?

Why does the gradebook list students last name first, but the gradebook history list first name first?

Why does the gradebook have so many columns, but completion date is not one of them, which is why I use the History, as opposed to the gradebook.

Why can I not search for a date range, as opposed to a date in the gradebook history?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello  @spaminabox  Welcome to the Canvas Community, and thanks for posting your question here.  I'm not sure I'll be able to answer every question you have, but I should be able to help with the first one:

Why does the gradebook list students last name first, but the gradebook history list first name first?

If you check with your local school's Canvas admin, you can check to see if they have the Feature option called "Gradebook - List Students by Sortable Name" (List students by their sortable names in the Gradebook. Sortable name defaults to 'Last Name, First Name' and can be changed in settings) set to "OFF", "ALLOW", or "ON".  If it is "ON", then that feature is enabled for every Canvas course at your school.  If it is set to "ALLOW", then you would be able to turn this on whenever you wanted via your course "Settings" >> "Feature Options" screen.

As for your other two questions, I am hopeful that other members of the Community might be able to chime in here.  I'm an admin for our Technical College's Canvas environment, and I don't teach any classes, but maybe someone who does would be able to chime in to the reasoning behind completion dates and searching date ranges.  You may need to create new Feature Ideas for those, but let's see what kind of responses you get here, first.

Hope this helps, Elizabeth.

Thanks Chris, That makes part of the drudgery a bit better. Now, if only I could see the actual completion dates. Canvas is not designed for compliance courses, and frankly, D2L did a better job of allowing me to track what I needed to track. Sigh. The latest is that I will likely not be able to open my gradebook at all once my enrollment gets to 10,000 or so. Not ideal when one needs the records for regulatory purposes.

 @spaminabox ‌, would you initiate a support case (How do I get help with Canvas as an instructor?‌) so they can investigate you're having with loading the Gradebook in your large-enrollment course?

Community Team
Community Team


I just did some searching in the collection of ideas in the and did not find one related to completion date being included in the Gradebook.  So, I'm not able to answer your question of why this column is not included, but I can suggest that you suggest it as a feature idea for future consideration.  This is also the case for the date range search of the gradebook history page.