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Why is the "missing" alert showing?

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This "missing" alert is showing in a student's grades, but the assignment was not missing and has been graded. Is there a way to omit the "missing" alert?

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You made my day!!!!!!!!!!!

This is so exciting my KIDS will be stoked.  So is it pretty easy to figure out how to turn it off? What is the process for turning it on and off. erinhallmark

Hi, Carlyn,

Right now there isn't a way to turn it on or off from the standard Gradebook—we've just changed the student view back to the way it was before the August 5 release so that students don't see them anymore. But in the New Gradebook, you'll be able to manage the labels individually as part of late policies you can create for your course. You can learn more about the New Gradebook in Priority: Gradebook Enhancements‌.



Surveyor II

This issue is still persisting in the New GradeBook or  unless I do not know where a new setting is  located. I guess it is difficult to program the system to recognize a manual grade input.

Surveyor II

OMG Canvas. Make the MISSING tag go away when something is given a grade. I don't have time to go into 200 student accounts and remove the label from each of their late or manually submitted assignments. This is a no-brainer!


Seriously, this missing mess needs to be fixed! I have changed my grades in Skyward for 190 students about 10 times. I have used Canvas for 5 years and this was NOT a problem in previous years. The grades are clearly posted with a big ol' MISSING next to them. Please make this stop!!


It would simply best if Canvas was not used to submit any written assignment at all. Written assignments are something which is Microsoft Outlook´s business.What you do is, you create a file, define it as an assignment, assign the assignment´s number to the file, and then submit it as an attachment using Microsoft Outlook. Canvas, Moodle and Turnitin are all for video file sharing.If you try to use Canvas or Moodle to submit a written assignment two things usually happen - the teacher is not pleased, or something else fails.  I was on a course in English which allowed students to submit video files and they were graded. There was mostly no written assignment. Not surprisingly, my grade was 9 and we were doing great! But if assignments had been involved the grade would have been 6.We had no ´Missing´file problem and everything worked because the assignments were just video files.