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Why is there so much confusion over concluding a course?

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It seems to me that concluding a course basically "turns the course off".  No more notifications. Teachers/students can still look but not touch.  And that's about it. Right?

Can concluded courses be used to copy from or import from?

Just curious...

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@Chris Long Thank you!  I did not realize that at all.  This is very helpful

You're welcome. I added some clarification that this needs to be done through the SpeedGrader. The download all submissions is visible in the gradebook but won't work for a teacher in a concluded course. I think that may be a bug rather than by design?


To clarify: Don't the students have to be "restored" to a course that is concluded for this "download submissions" link to work?

Great question Brandon!

The download submissions does not work for teachers in concluded courses (unless they have extended access). But they can go into the gradebook and go to SpeedGrader to view feedback and download a submission at a time. But as you mentioned, in order for that to work the students enrollments would have to be "restored" which brings me to my next question....

Should you keep students enrolled in concluded courses?

We do. We consider that as part of their educational record and only change student's enrollments to completed if they leave the course before the end date. Is there a reason to complete their enrollment and conclude the course?

Warning: Clicking the "Conclude this Course" button not only concludes the course but changes all enrollments from active to completed.

Thanks for clarifying and confirming my experience.

We do what I believe is known as “soft conclude”. That is the term date concludes OR the course is concluded when staff submits a final grade to our SIS. The SIS then sends message to conclude the course.

This concluding has been a problem for incompletes and all the variables mentioned in this thread. My faculty is not a fan of this as they had access in a previous LMS.

I am not a fan as I have been restoring enrollments more frequently than I like. I believe I can mitigate some of the problem by doing some staff development to advise downloading of course material prior to submission of final grade and the concluding of the course.

The end of year guide looks most promising.  It would be a great asset to the community.  Thanks for tackling it.

It is a monster! So many nuances to consider, but it's progressing.

I would like to echo Scott Finkeldei's comment.  We are in first year with Canvas.  I have had many faculty approach me asking if they could pull out exemplary papers, artifacts, and other accreditation materials from concluded courses.  The only way I have been able to do this is to manually, and individually, restore every student in the class.  It is about the same amount of work as it is to re-create an SIS import.  Surely there has to be a better way.   I am intrigued by the end term date of 2099, but I agree this would lead to Course menu clutter.

Hi Chris,

You can access student submissions without restoring every student using the "View Prior Enrollments" button in PeopleView Prior Enrollments

This opens the Prior Users list. Clicking on a student name takes you to their profile page where you have a number of options. If you click on "Grades" you will access the individual grades area for the student and then clicking on the assignment name will take you to the Submission Details area where you can download the submission.

The other way you can access them is through the "Show Concluded Enrollments" button in the Gradebook.

Open Gradebook Settings

This option will repopulate the Gradebook. You can then see all the grades and clicking on a student name will take you straight to their Grades page. From there you can access the Submission Details area by clicking on the name of the assignment.

Again you can only download a submission at a time but at least you don't have to manually restore students to the course.

Learner II

There is a new option for closing courses to students if you do not want them to have access to view the course and still let the instructor to be able to make changes to the course and that it is

We will be using this to 'close' our courses to students.