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Will Canvas compile results of a survey for multiple classes?

I our department, we are giving the same survey in about half of our classes. I would like to know if there is some way to get the composite results out of Canvas? I don't want to collect and compile all the results myself. Thanks

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Hi  @jwiestling 

I am not sure you can do that but you can view the analysis of each quiz download as a spreadsheet then cut and paste them all together - that might be a solution.  These guides might help


Make a new course with all students in it and the quiz/survey and put a link to it in your courses that need to do the survey.  Then all the answers are in the one place.  Ask a question about what course they are doing if that is relevant.

Hope that helps


 @isobel_williams ,

The student analysis that you linked to in Once I publish a quiz, what kinds of quiz statistics are available? has long been the way to get this accomplished, although it has some issues depending on the type of question. One thing that 

 @jwiestling  should watch out for that the order of the questions in the student analysis report is dependent upon the order the questions were asked in. If you have do not any question groups in use, then you should be okay (I'm not sure about questions delivered one question at a time), but I know there's an issue when question groups are used.

The other way to get the results is through the Canvas REST API, but I don't recommend that way for non-programmers. Basically, if you can use the student analysis, that's going to be the easiest way.

I also wanted to give a tip to Isobel. Jive changed the way pasting of links works here in the community earlier this year and switched from putting titles in to just putting the URL in. If you want to have the old behavior and have the document title inserted instead of the URL, then hold down the shift key when you press Ctrl-V for paste.

Yes, that is the solution I was trying to avoid.  I used to get a class created for this, but the new director of IS thought it was a bad idea. Maybe I should get her to do all the copy and paste work.