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Will filling out a rubric on a resubmitted assignment overwrite the rubric from the original?

I am using a non-point rubric for an assignment that students revise and resubmit. In SpeedGrader, I filled out the rubric with extensive comments for the original assignment submissions. When students resubmit the assignment, will my rubric ratings and comments on the original submission be saved if I fill out the rubric on the resubmitted version? Or will it overwrite and leave only the rubric comments on the resubmit available?

If it will only overwrite, is there any easy way to copy/download the original filled-out rubric to save it?



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You can expand the rubric tab in speedgrader to fill the page and print the page to save a copy of the rubric.  You should also be able to click from one attempt to another using the list of attempts in the upper right corner of speedgrader, to see the grade associated with each attempt.  However, students cannot currently do that.  There is an effort to add the ability for students to review their own previous attempts and feedback.  You might want to share feedback here:

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