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Wrong user names showing up

Hi- We are running into a very strange issue with user names. The Display Name, First Name, Last Name is not being updated by the users.csv file, and somehow getting Full Legal Names from somewhere, and even though we are sending Preferred Names in our files, it keeps reverting back to the Legal Names.

Does anyone has any similar issue? Or, know why this could be happening?

We might have sent one file with Full Legal names, one year back, but for last 8-9 months we have been sending Preferred Names.

Things we have tried-

1. Manually changed names of people who were having most concern with their full Legal Name being displayed - and it still reverted back to the Full Name. We thought changing names manually would make them sticky, but not.

2. We uploaded a users.csv manually, marked it as Override UI changes, and marked 'Make these changes sticky', and it still didn't stick, and somehow reverted back to Full Names.


Any help would be appreciated!

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