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Learner II

Your ideas of Canvas' best kept secrets


I am curious if you would please share your ideas for Canvas' best kept secrets. If you have a workshop coming up for faculty and you want them to say, "Wow, I didn't know you could do that," what would you share with them?  We are past the basics (e.g. embedding audio/video with the media comment tool).

Thanks in advance.


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Lamplighter II

This post about undelete things is  always helpful

Undeleting things in Canvas​ presented at InstructureCon2014 about this very subject. Her talk had some great tips.

The undelete function is a must and a life-saver!  Smiley Happy

Community Team
Community Team​, the question I'm probably asked most often is how to create Matching quizzes with images​.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Message students who - from the gradebook! So many faculty forget that exists and it's such an awesome and easy way to quickly message students who did awesome on an exam, did not so awesome, haven't submitted something, etc. I use it a lot and am always surprised by the faculty who don't realize it exists! Smiley Happy


I watched a CanvasLIVE session the other day, and they highlighted this.  I agree that many do not know this exists or forget! 

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But you can't message individual students, just preset groups. I liked Blackboard's gradebook better.


I actually offered refresher courses before this fall semester began. When I reminded instructors about the "message students who" feature I had many comment that they had missed that in the initial training and were glad to be reminded of it. It seems like such a simple thing, but it can be used in so many powerful ways by the instructor!


But you can not send an email to an individual student, or a group of students of your choosing. The choices available are too limited.

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The "Message Students Who..." feature is centered around messaging students who meet specific grade related criteria. You can remove students from the list of recipients who will receive a message, even if they meet the criteria (please see more here: How do I send a message to my students from the Gradebook?)

If you prefer to send a message to an individual, multiple students, groups, by role, or even an entire course, you can use the Inbox instead of the Gradebook. Please see more here: How do I compose and send a message?​ and here: How do I send a message to an entire class as an instructor?

Hope that helps!