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Surveyor II

Youtube-nocookie URL generated with App

Why does the YouTube LTI from the Edu App Center ( generate 'privacy-enhanced mode' embed URLs only? There is no option to generate embed code without the nocookie URL. This causes issues since we use Restricted YouTube and there is no way to approve videos that contain the nocookie URL. On, if you go to Share --> Embed you are given the option to use privacy-enhanced mode if so desired. The YouTube App should give you the option to use that feature or not. This lack of choice essentially renders the YouTube LTI unusable for us since the URL it generates will result in a Restricted page instead of playing the video.

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Navigator II

Fortunately, we can skip the app and embed youtube videos with the youtube embed code.  Just click "</>" in the lower right of the new RCE (or "switch to HTML" in the upper right of the older editor) and you will be able to paste the Youtube embed code.  It may take some practice to get the code into the right spot, but the new RCE makes that a little easier with color coding.