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Zoom Calendar Notifications Issue

We recently installed the Zoom Pro LTI on our Canvas production system.  

We have received some emails from faculty asking about a way to turn off the email notifications currently going to students before the beginning of the semester from Zoom events populating the Canvas Calendar.  Normally these items on the calendar do not send email notifications until the course begins.

I have reviewed the Zoom Developer Key settings and am not sure which option to disable, or if I even should disable any of the options?  Is this where we can remove calendar notification from zoom?


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Learner II

This might be a good suggestion to add to the Roadmap/Idea Conversations. I don't see any other suggestion like yours. I think many of us have wish for this option (especially those who forget to change the date of the meeting from the default). 

Although, in my experience, when the Canvas course is not published as the time the Zoom meetings are created, students do not receive email notifications (which seems to function in the same manner as announcements - when created before the course is published no notification is pushed to email).



Thanks.  Follow your suggestion and created a new idea for this.


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Has anyone found a solution to this?  I love the calendar feature because it helps students clearly see when assignments are due, but now that I am running 4 daily zoom meetings in the course for different sections, All student calendars are being buried in a list of needless meeting reminders.


Agree - I don't want the Zoom meeting to be listed on the calendar!  It just becomes another thing listed!

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