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Zoom LTI Pro Questions

Hello I recently installed Zoom LTI Pro for my school with the Calendar and Conversation integration and it seems to be working pretty well, but I have a couple of questions.

  1. I have the Attendance Report option on, can someone show me what they will look like?
  2. Is there a way to schedule when the Message will go out about a scheduled meeting? It seems like they go out as soon as they are scheduled. Not particularly useful if you are planning meetings for the semester.
    1. Have many turned the Conversation feature off because of the immediate messaging?
  3. I love that the meetings go to the Canvas calendar, but is it possible to make them into Appointment Groups to allow students to register in Canvas and potentially across different classes?
  4. Any idea why Zoom meetings created in Canvas make it onto your calendar in the Zoom app but don't make it to Outlook like other Zoom meetings do.

Thank you all for your help and advice


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Hello  @CMWilson  .  Have you looked at these documents?  Zoom in Canvas , LTI Pro for Canvas - LMS Guides - LTI Pro 

Best of luck!

Yes, the Zoom in Canvas document has you basically link to meetings created in the Zoom app but not using any actual integration. The other document is what I used to get everything set up. Unfortunately, the instructions are vague to say the least. I was hoping to benefit from others who have already been using for a while.

I apologize; I was thinking of Zoom working differently.  

1.  This is what one of my attendance reports looked like for a meeting.  


2. Not on Zoom.  If you have Outlook, you could copy the meeting invitation from Zoom and put it in an Outlook email.  I vaguely remember Outlook being able to give you time before you sent an email.

3. I think that's a great question for Zoom.  However, you are able to copy and paste the invite info into your Appointment Groups (I just did!)

4. Have you asked Zoom to put it on your Outlook Calendar?  I can do that from my desktop application.

Does this help any?

Thank you so much for your help. I've been scouring everything. The attendance picture is particularly helpful.

I was able to go into Zoom and copy the invitation into Outlook, but that was definitely an extra step I was hoping the integration would help with. I guess you fix one problem and cause another.

Very good answers @jcarpenter1 !  

We found that if you paste the meeting URL into Appointment Group Details, it becomes a link.  Pasted in location, it does not; it has to be copied and pasted.

Also, if you want to offer appointments to more than one class, you need to select the calendars first, before creating the appointment group. It only shows those pre-selected when you go to choose multiple courses for the group.