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can I delete events on the calendar as a student?

I would like to reduce the events on my student calendar but my professors have created events such as office hours and zoom meetings, is there a way I can hide/delete these events so my calendar isnt so cluttered. I am a student.

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Navigator II

What you can do is filter which courses are displayed on your calendar.  Where you see the list of courses (usually on the right side of the page) you can click the colored box next to each course to turn it on and off.  You can also change the color, and that will change the color of all items for that course on your calendar to help you keep track of which activity goes with which course.  Those items that appear in your to-do list on your dashboard, will either be marked compete as you submit assignments, or you can click an "x" to remove the item from your to-do list.  As items on your to-do list are completed they will be crossed off on your calendar, however I do not believe they will be removed from the calendar.