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Hello, does anyone know what I can do if canvas is not allowing me to access one particular class? The teacher emailed me today and told the class is up but I cannot click on it. I am also enrolled in another class which am I fully able to access. Please any advice anyone??

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @treyes09 

Fist, you have asked this question in a global community of Canvas users who cannot access courses or accounts except their own. We have no way to troubleshoot this for you. But here are some thoughts..............

Is the course showing on your Dashboard or in your Courses list? If so, and it still won't open when clicked on, then it might be unpublished. When you click on "All Courses" in your course list, you can see if the course is published or not on the far-right column.

If you do not actually see your course listed, then you will need to talk to your school's registration folks to make sure you are actually enrolled.

Your best bet for a definitive answer is still your own school - contact your teacher, your school's Canvas Support department or your registration folks.

Good luck,


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