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comparison chart between current and new grade books

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Is there a comparison chart/table of functionalities between the current and new gradebooks? Something that looks like the mockup below:


We are being asked by our faculty: "can I do X in the new gradebook" and we would like to have an easy reference sheet that says: "yes that is available" or "no, that functionality is not available."

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Community Coach
Community Coach

For anyone that's interested (, here's a Functionality Comparison: Current vs. New Canvas Gradebook that I put together for our faculty and for Community use. Feel free to edit or tweak as needed for your school! 🙂


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Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Susan,

The only limitations with New Gradebook are mentioned here: New Gradebook: FAQ. Otherwise, all existing functionality in the current gradebook is in the new gradebook.  If you find you're getting more questions than are provided in the existing documentation let us know and we can consider an additional resource.




Hi Erin,

I think part of the problem is, is that the FAQ does not actually list the new features but sends the user to a User Group to hunt through Release Notes; and what our teachers want is a list of the new features.

And, we are wanting the list to entice our teachers to use/try out the new gradebook.



Yes!  I would really like a good list of new features / improved features that I could just turn over to my communications folks for distribution and to my training folks to use in modifying their workshops!


Something like this would be really useful for training purposes as well!


I am posting a New Gradebook document I prepared for our piloters of the new gradebook.  It is not perfect, but it may be a useful starting point for those creating documentation.

Highlighted‌, thank you! I believe this will be very useful.

Highlighted‌, thank you for sharing this!

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Thank you, this guide is very useful! And, I will now always refer to the three-dot option menu as a "snowman". I never know what to call it in trainings!


I've heard the three-dot button referred to as a kebob, and the three-line button as a hamburger.  These are especially good terms for trainings right before lunch!

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