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downloading data as CSV?

Hello - this is my first post, and this is probably a very basic question. Is there a way that I can download all our of institution's data, which is currently in Canvas, in CSV format? We switched to a different system for our Student Information System, and some of the record ID numbers are different from the ones previously uploaded to Canvas. As the record ID numbers are unique identifiers, this could obviously pose a problem when uploading new records (duplicates, unintended overwrites, etc). I'm thinking if I can at least download our existing Canvas tables as CSV, then I view the IDs which are currently in the system, and write a join query to make sure any new records or updates to existing records are mapped correctly prior to uploading them. I hope that makes sense. I'm very new to Canvas, so if I'm missing something obvious, please advise. Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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hi Joseph,

You can check for some ways of downloading canvas Data on this post: 

Hope it helps!


Alexandre S.


I'm just seeing this reply - thanks very much!

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It sounds like you don't need all of the data in Canvas, which is good, because there's no way to download all of it, let alone as a CSV file. Canvas Data doesn't include all of it, either.

What it sounds like is that you need a list of the users and their SIS IDs. You can get that information by going to Admin > Settings > Reports and choosing either the Provisioning report or the SIS Export report. The Users.csv file should have that information. In the provisioning report (I don't have a SIS export handy to check), the canvas_user_id is the Canvas ID for the user and the user_id is the SIS user ID.


thank you!

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