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dropdown menus glitches in Canvas quizzes

There are two issues that have been occurring frequently enough to be very frustrating:


1) when switching between question types while creating a quiz, sometimes the dropdown will add blank options. I have to save the question, then open it again to edit out the extra blanks. 


2) When I copy a quiz to another section, sometimes one of the dropdown menus does not display as a dropdown but rather as the [bracket] text. The weirdest part is that there may be other dropdown menus that work in the same question.

And it's not that it's typed incorrectly, as all I do to fix it is open the quiz editor, open the question, save the question, then save the quiz. The options are all still there, the quiz just does not register the text properly. 


Please advise how to prevent this from happening. 

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Navigator II

This sounds like something that needs to be reported as a bug.  Have you submitted a support ticket?