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duplicate a quiz in a course

I need to create several versions of a quiz for a course and am unable to do a simple duplication. 

i have to copy to same course and i am getting errors and ones i have copied and renamed are getting overwritten.. 

there has to be a simple way to make x copies of a quiz in the same course without having to building it from scratch each time... 

can anyone help?

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Community Coach
Community Coach


Are you making sure that you are copying the copy each time you copy the quiz?  You can only copy a quiz into the same course once, but we have had success if we copy the quiz, rename the copy and then copy the copy.



ah ah ! thanks - i resorted to building a new one x number of times as advice from support did not help at all. 

i did try copying the quiz to another course and renaming it there before copying it back - but was still overwriting at times.