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email and grades

Question 1 Can students email each other via the Inbox?

Question 2 I can see the GRADES link on my Navigation and it is on the top section where I want it.  However, I can’t see it when I go to the left bar or anywhere else and I need to access the grades.  I only see Speedgrader on the right side of the page but it takes forever to check one kid at a time.  What can I do?

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi  @leticia_lopez1 ,

1. Typically, yes. If your students were given typical student permissions when added to Canvas, that would include a permission which allows them to message others in the course (as long as they and the other student have active enrollments). To verify this for your students, I'd recommend reaching out to your institution's Canvas admin. 

2. I was curious about this, so I took a peek at your course and it appears that you or perhaps an admin at your institution has renamed the Grades link in Course Navigation to Course Progress. So you click on that link to access the gradebook.