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embedding a macro-enabled powerpoint

Is it possible to embed a macro-enabled Powerpoint presentation into canvas with the macros functioning?

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi There,

Please see this related community post which lists a few options in the responses: 

Thanks for this link, but this doesn't address the question of macros. I am familiar with embedding a traditional pptx file format. I am interested in embedding a pptm file and having it functional with the enabled macros.

Sorry I was a little hasty in posting and didn't explain what I meant.  I'm not familiar with using macros on PowerPoint.  What I meant to point to was the response in the other thread where the respondent was recommending using web-native Google presentations vs designed for running locally PowerPoint files.  Apologies again but I don't know enough enough about Google presentations, either, in order to know if they have something akin to macros.