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export canvas modules to another instructor canvas page

Can you provide me with the step by step procedure to export my canvas modules to another teachers canvas page. We would like to share our modules.

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Community Coach


Are you able to copy other courses? If so, this lesson will walk you through the process:
How do I copy content from another Canvas course using the Course Import tool?

Another option is to export your course and then selectively decide which content to import.

How do I export a Canvas course?

How do I select specific content as part of a course import?

Lastly, Canvas Commons could be a solution too! You can even keep it private to just your institution.

How do I use Commons? 

Learner II

Another option to add to the very thorough list provided by‌ would be Direct Share - this can't share entire modules in one go, but will let you share individual assignments, discussions, pages, and quizzes with other instructors at your institution: 

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There is a Feature Idea open for voting which would allow Modules to be shared that way: 

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