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global activity stream

what is a "global activity stream" ?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @vincentm  Welcome to the Canvas Community!

The Global Activity Stream displays on the Dashboard and reflects activity in all of your courses, depending on role. For students it will show all assignments due, discussions posted etc. For Teachers it displays submissions that need grading etc. For all current courses.

I hope this is helpful,


I'm a teacher.

Yes, somewhat helpful.

Is there a "glossary" of terms/vocabulary regarding LMS/Canvas?  Perhaps if I learn to lingo I can get through this training that was supposed to take about 4 hours. 

I'm 4+ hours in to it and not even half way!   Super frustrating! (not your fault!)  but I need to know where to go for SERIOUS intervention/help/tutoring!

 @vincentm  Welcome to the Canvas Community!

Searching on "Canvas glossary" in this forum brought up these salient results: 

Canvas Glossary