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Hi All,

My ungraded assignments are being calculated into my students' final grade as a zero.  How do I remove them from being calculated in until AFTER I grade them?

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If you have quizzes that require manual grading those zeros come from the fact that quizzes cannot auto grade essay questions.  You need to go to all quizzes set up this way on the grades tab and from the three dot menu next to each quiz title set your grade posting policy to manual.  (For quizzes that already have responses that you have not yet graded you should also click hide grades.)  After you grade ALL submissions you have so far go back to the three dot menu on the quiz and select post grades > graded.  (If you select everyone then even empty cells will be "posted" and so the manual grade posting policy will stop working.)  If all of your assignments are manually graded, you can set up the manual grade posting policy once for the entire course using the gear in the upper right corner of the grades page.

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