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Surveyor II

help with tabs in assignment descriptions and mobile app

I have a question about using html tabs in descriptions for Assignments.

I love that we can use it to organize a Page, and that the navigation helps across computer (easy tabs) and mobile app (jumps to the text section) - see Creating tabs on a page.

Now I want to use the html tabs in Assignment descriptions. Works great on the computer. BUT, when on the mobile app, the links don't let you jump you to that section of the text. Is there a way to those html tab links work in Assignments?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

This is a great question. It's hard to understand exactly why, especially since RCE is supported in Assignments, but it's not a Page. I wish I had a better explanation, but for now, I would not use the custom tabs with anything that requires a submission.

RCE is rich content editor?

Yes! RCE = Rich Content Editor 😊