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how do I accomodate DSS students with extra time for quizzes

how do I accommodate DSS students with extra time for quizzes

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Hi, assuming you are using New Quizzes, you would follow the steps in How do I moderate a student's assessment attempt in New Quizzes?


Hi Robin -

If you are using old quizzes, once the quiz is published, there is a moderate quiz button on the right side that will allow you to add extra time for each student as needed.

Something else I just found today is the following which may be of use if you are using old quizzes. 


Thank you so much. My brain hurts every day from learning to use canvas, making hand outs with data for my general chemistry 2 courses and also learning zoom.


Robin De Roo

Professor of Chemistry


Hi It is definitely a tough time but what you do is so important and all of us here in the community want to help in any way we can! Don't hesitate to post more questions as you did this one when you need assistance!


Thanks! I am feeling better about using canvas. Since my class is a lab class with lecture, I had only uploaded files on canvas.

thanks again,


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