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how do I limit the students who see a page based on their completion of an assignment?

I have an assignment that has several parts.  I would like the students who complete the first part to see the correct answer before I grade it, so they can work on the second part with confidence they are using the correct part 1 amounts.  

Is there a way I can put a page in my module that can only be seen by those students who have completed the first part of the assignment?

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Hi @mannino,

You can use module requirements to do this. Force them to complete the items in sequence and then add "Score at least X" as a requirement on the assignments. It can be a very low score; just something that shows you've reviewed it.

See:How do I add requirements to a module? 

If the assignment is self-scoring and shows the correct answer, there's a "mark as complete" option, too.


this does not help me because the assignment is not self graded so I would have to go in and put a grade for each student.  I want an easier solution.  (This was available in blackboard.)


I think I misunderstood your original question. If you just want them to complete the assignment and then show them the answer without grading the answer, that's pretty straight forward: just make the correct answers the page after the assignments and enforce linear completion on the module: Then the flow is: assignment -> answer -> next assignment. They can't see the answer until they complete the assignment, and then they can't do the next assignment until they've looked at the first answer, etc., etc.