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how do pages and modules either differ or relate

how do pages and modules differ. I can't seem to understand their relationship. Is a module made up of multiple pages? I am unclear on how to set up modules each week with similar headings with different content under them. Is the content the Page or is the header the page? 

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This is a great question.  You can view modules as a folder that can be easily organized and then you place content into a module such as pages, quizzes, videos, and more.  I like to suggest that teachers organize their modules by weeks at first so that students can find relevant content and teachers can stay organized.  Once you are more familiar with Canvas you can get more creative with how content is presented. I also encourage faculty to move the modules side menu item up higher so it is easier for students to find. 

Community Coach
Community Coach

One of my favorite Community resources about modules has got to be Mad about Modules‌. Once you adopt modules, I love how instructors can really guide student learning through the addition of module requirements‌ or Mastery Paths‌. 

There are so many different ways to leverage modules. I've seen teachers use them weekly (like Matthew suggested), but I've also seen units or themes work! The possibilities are endless.

Community Team
Community Team

 @rn4moms  Welcome to the Canvas Community! I particularly like  @kmeeusen ‌'s examination of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles as they relate to the importance of modules: 

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Hi sharon barber,

Both Kristin Lundstrum and Stefanie Sanders have provided great resources and advice, and to add to what Matthew Moore said "You can view modules as a folder that can be easily organized and then you place content into a module such as pages, quizzes, videos, and more". It is important to understand the relationship of 'Modules' to 'content'.

  • ALL actual course 'content' lives in its respective content area (folders as it were) within the course.
    • quizzes 'live' in Quizzes
    • assignments live in Assignments
    • pages live in Pages
    • discussions live in Discussions
    • files live in Files
  • Modules are an organizational feature where the various types of 'content' can be 'deployed/linked', and made available to students. There are various controls, requirements and settings built into 'modules' that can be utilized for greater course direction and control... such as;
    • Must move through items sequentially
    • 'requirements' such as;
      • 'view the item'
      • 'submit the assignment'
      • 'score at least...'
      • etc.

One valuable and functional use of Modules, is to hide/remove the menu access to the various specific content areas (pages, files, assignments, quizzes, etc.) from student access (*course 'navigation' is controlled under 'Settings' and the 'Navigation' tab), and 'deploy/link' all content when, where and how you intend your students to access them, in Modules. This design method is one way that you can more effectively control student access and guide your students through the materials that you have built into the course.

I hope this provides some additional insights into when and how you can most effectively work with both your content items and Modules!

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All of your suggestions and explanations have been extremely helpful. I feel much better prepared to begin the process now. I do have one other question about the modules but will ask it in a new post so it is easier to search. 

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In relation to question above, Can someone please advise?

I have created a couple of pages with content without first organizing them under modules section and now wish to have these pages organized into my modules folder.  Could you please advise me on how to get this done?  Thank you as I await a response.


 @joan_oladunjoye  Welcome to the Canvas Community! This document explains how to add content items, including already-existing pages, to a module: How do I add assignment types, pages, and files as module items? (And by the way, that's the workflow I always preferred when I was designing courses: create content first, then organize it into modules.)