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how do you cancel a flexible learning plan?

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how do you cancel a flexible learning plan once you've set a master plan for a class?

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Flexible Learning is a tool developed by Canvas Professional Services.  John can submit a Canvas help ticket for help with regards to this tool because while it is an add-on, it was developed by Professional Services.  I know this is a late reply, but I came across this while I was searching for something else.

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Community Team
Community Team

 @jling , you've posted your question to the global Canvas Community, where users of the Canvas LMS exchange their tips and tricks about how to use Canvas's features. Cancelling a "flexible learning plan" after setting a "master plan" are not Canvas processes or components, but sound more like something specific to your school's curriculum and course setup. I recommend that you redirect your question to someone at Metro East Web Academy - Home  who might be able to assist.

The Flexible Learning Tool is a Canvas feature, but I guess it's rather new.  There's nothing about it as I can see.  This is not something specific to our school.

I will check,  @jling ​, to be sure--but I've never heard of anything in Canvas that is called a "Flexible Learning Tool." I am willing to stand corrected. Smiley Happy

...and one other note,  @jling ​, just to make sure we have covered all the possible bases: Canvas currently has a feature in development for MasteryPaths, and you will find the writeup here: Canvas Studio: MasteryPaths   This feature is in beta testing in a very small number of schools, and perhaps yours is one of those. Can you take a moment to check that out and let us know if that is the case?

Mastery Paths will be great, however this is not what we're working with now.

Actually, you are correct, Flexible Learning is more of an add-on app. I'm

having a hard time finding support for it though if not through Canvas.

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Community Coach
Community Coach


I did a little research and did verify that this is a third-party app integrated with your Canvas instance. Unfortunately, I found a half-dozen different vendors with products that include a "Flexible Learning Path" feature.

Your best bet for support is to contact your school or district's LMS Admin/Support department, since they would have most likely been the ones to install the integration. However, I don't want to leave you hanging if I can help it. If you know who developed the product, Pearson, SoftServe Inc., etc.; perhaps I can locate their support services for you.


No idea, but I'll get with our point of contact.  Thank you!

Thanks for taking the time to verify that,  @jling . As you can readily imagine, Canvas is not able to provide support for apps and LTIs that have been developed by third parties. Both  @kmeeusen ​ and I have done some web searches to try to find just the right external app relative to your description, but from our perspective, and given how many different results are coming up, we can't narrow it down any more than we already have.

Perhaps if you check the app configurations in your course settings, you will be able to find the name of the external app provider so you can contact them directly to get additional support. You'll find more guidance on app configurations in What are LTI Tools (External Apps)? (and I note the lesson even makes reference to "learning paths"!).

I also suspect that whoever designed the course for you configured that tool; if you could find out who that person is and contact him or her directly, you might be able to get the support you need.